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Frequently Asked Questions

Client related questions related to engaging our services.

Q: [How do you bill for services?]
A: [We contract with organizations in several ways: Daily Rate Basis -- Project Basis -- Retainer Basis. This allows clients to determine the optimum time/cost balance suited to their needs.

Daily Rate Basis: An hourly rate is converted to a daily rate (8-hour day) and work is billed based on the number of days incurred. This is the usual arrangement for

Project Basis: Total time for the project is estimated and our daily rate used to compute a maximum fee basis. This method is used most frequently for training or
research, as well as in-depth consultation requiring extended on-site time.

Prepaid Retainer Basis: We bill in advance for one or more days, providing the client ready access to phone and email consultation that does not require travel to the client
site. This is especially useful for follow-on activities after other events
to ensure success.]

If you'd like to explore a relationship go to the Contact page, let me know your interests, and provide information that will allow us to contact you.