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We started the Laboratory Management Professionals healthcare group to provide a networking environment to exchange ideas, learn, educate and solve common problems in our industry. Created in 2009 as a courtesy to our profession, it has grown to 16,000+ members and is the largest professional laboratory management group on . The group has five major objectives.
  • To promote knowledge and create an environment to learn through open discussion, Q&As, education & training updates and the posting of industry-specific workshops, seminars, conferences and news events.
  • To encourage open discussion of industry-specific related topics such as quality improvement, service/process improvement, outreach, informatics, business intelligence, cost management, benchmarking, performance metrics, licensure, accreditation, compliance and payment.
  • To encourage the posting of job opportunities, availability, recruitment & hiring and networking collaboration.
  • To enlighten members of valuable products/services in the “Vendors & Resources” subgroup.
  • To build a laboratory community as the source of all professionals in our industry.
“Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival” - W. Edwards Deming
Manager: David Novis, MD
The Pathologists & CLIA Directors subgroup is limited to individuals with these credentials.  Its purpose is to provide an exclusive forum for peer-to-peer networking, idea exchange, and problem & solution sharing.
Manager: June Smart, PhD
This Vendors & Resources s subgroup is a place where vendors can describe their services & products to increase membership awareness. Vendors can provide brief descriptions of their offerings, contact information and links to vendor websites where more information is available.
Manager: Richard Ouellette, FACHE
The Lean/Six Sigma subgroup extends to all laboratory professionals seeking to learn and share in the effective use of process management systems, tools and methodologies (i.e. DMAIC projects or Lean initiatives) deployed to improve & sustain defect free service quality, speed and productivity.
Manager: Robert Mazer, JD
The Legislation Regulation subgroup provides a forum for the exchange of ideas regarding legislation and regulations that impact hospitals and independent laboratories, particularly in connection with payment and compliance issues.